Google Fiber

If you are reading this post, you must know who Google is, but did you know that they offer Super high speed internet. Like 1 Gigabit fast! Most people in the U.S. are getting maybe 1/1000th of this speed. I know that’s crazy awesome. Don’t get too excited though, it is only available in certain areas. This currently includes Kansas city, MO and Provo, UT. On the website it also says they will soon be expanding to Austin, TX. If I weren’t stuck here I would even consider moving to one of these Read More

History of the Web

History of the Internet and Where its Going

The full history of the Internet could easily fill an entire book, but here is a basic overview of how it evolved over time. While many would believe that the Internet is a fairly recent invention, its roots go back to the 1950s. One of the first global communications networks that was used to transmit information between computers was called ARPANET. As the world’s first packet switched network, it was used mainly by universities and research laboratories to share information, thus creating the backbone for what is Read More

Exede Unlimited Data

Exede Unlimited Data Plan has Launched!

Exede Evolution (Unimited data plan) was created to improve the overall core service. Still providing download speeds up to 12 mbps and now giving you unlimited access to e-mail, web pages, Facebook and more. For streaming video you are allowed 5 GB per month. Early bird time from 3am to 8am is still unlimited too!

What Type of People need Exede Evolution?

If you are power user who depends on the Internet to browse the web and use email as much as you want to and a fairly light user of online video then Exede Evolution would make the perfect plan for your Read More